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To provide Japanese Shonen Jump Table of Contents data in an easy to see format, that would allow for fun discoveries.

Please feel free to contact via email (admin@jajanken.net) or Twitter for any feedback and suggestions!

Data Source

Jajanken's Table of Contents and chapter title data are mainly provided through editing / modifying data from Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs "Media Arts Database (Beta Version)" (https://mediaarts-db.bunka.go.jp/).

For cases where data is missing or not updated, the data is supplemented by online research and purchasing Shonen Jump magazines. Please note that in cases where chapter titles were missing, they were sometimes supplemented by titles from the comic version, which may differ from the original.

English title data is based on the table of contents of the comic version, and MANGA Plus.

This website is not affiliated with Shueisha Inc. in any way.